Peder (pP) Strandh, TEXT & MUSIK: Peder pP Strandh, The PuddyProject

LYRICS ‘n MUSIC • As life pass us by (Waging aging)

Everyone comes upon the moment when they start looking back on their life.

I have done so – more and more – over the last couple of years (since the age of 47 approximately). I can truly say that there are a whole lot that I am proud of … But also loads of regrettable decisions that I have made, wrong turns I have taken and some, more than less, acceptable behavior taken part on my behalf. Therefor I am nothing but human, right!?
This is pretty much what this song, As life pass us by, is about; a man who’s reflecting on his deeds in life — as so far.

Here’s a link to the song As life pass us by (Waging aging) on my Youtube-channel.

//Peder [pP] Strandh